Today's Donkey Of The Day is Bobby Brown's sister Leolah Brown Muhammad claimed Bobby was allegedly hospitalized after being hit by a car, according to his sister.

On the evening of Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown Muhammad, took to social media and claimed that the R&B legend was intentionally struck by a motorist.

“Bobby Brown got hit by a speeding car while walking,” Muhammad wrote. “And no he was not in a car accident! This car came straight for him and tried to damn kill him! Broke his bones! Both [of] his legs are messed up.”

Bobby Brown’s attorney, Christopher Brown, also released a statement saying, “There are reports circulating that Bobby Brown was hit by a car over the weekend and substantially injured both his legs. The reports are false, and Bobby Brown was in Los Angeles enjoying time with his family this weekend.”

Who knows what happened, I need to make sure Bobby Brown is able to perform Every Little Step in peace.

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