In today's #BLANKSTARENEWS. A man stole more than $3,000 worth of chewing gum and other items from the Market Bistro at 873 Loudon Road. The man struck twice stealing from the store on March 3 and March 10. During the first theft, police said the man left with $1,356 worth of gum. He returned a week later, taking $1,695 worth of gum, batteries, baby formula and deodorant.

Here are surveillance pictures from the alleged thief

Gum batteries and baby formula are all small and have a re sale value so the products will probably end up on the counter of another store. Now whether it was 3k worth of items I highly doubt someone could walk out of a store on one trip with that much gum...

Come on really ? I'm sure the insurance company is looking at the store the same way, there is no way he could have walked out with that much product, and if he did that says a lot about the security and employees who let him walk away with that much product.