Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson's wife Candy Carson sang the national anthem at a campaign event in Iowa over the weekend

From what i'm reading the audience was wowed and loved the performance, I don't think they heard the same vocals I heard ? Ben Carson was dead wrong for letting his wife go out there and make a fool out of her self.

This woman has all kinds of degrees from prestigious Universities across the country but still doesn't know that she singing is not a talent that she possesses. If Ben Carson really cared about her, he never would have let her get up there and become the butt of people's jokes.

He should have said, "No, Baby no-sorry but you can't sing cause you can't sing!" This just adds to the political circus of people running for office next year. This performance was anti American.

I'm mad I had to read this man's book Gifted Hands in elementary school, any man who would let his wife make a fool out her self is some one who shouldn't be pushed on to the vulnerable minds of children.