In today's #BLANKSTARENEWS, a 5-year-old girl was allegedly molested while her mom was prostituting in the next room.

Jefferson County Jail

A 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted while her mother was prostituting herself in the next room police say.

In this case, the mother was charged along with the convicted sex offender who assaulted the little girl.

Pleasant Grove investigators launched their probe in December after family members of the girl told them she had reported being inappropriately touched, said Lt. Danny Reid. Family initially reported the incident to Birmingham police, but investigators later determined it happened in Pleasant Grove.

She admitted she was “turning tricks” and had her daughter with her. The incident happened Dec. 8.

Reid said there were two men at the home. While the mother was in one room with a man, another man was sodomizing the girl. According to court records, the mother heard her daughter crying and went to check on her and found the assault in progress. She failed to report it to authorities.

Orlando Howard, 51, of Dolomite, is charged with two counts of first-degree sodomy of a minor child under the age of 12. Howard remains in the Jefferson County Jail with bond set at $120,000.


This is a a sad situation. I'm sure the mother didn't know this was going to happen.

Why in the world would you leave your daughter in the room with a stranger while you "work?" I'm not judging, but the fact that she was prostituting made this even worse. The man who allegedly assaulted the girl was a convicted child molester, but how was the mom supposed to know this?