What he saw as a gateway to fame turned out to be a gateway to death.

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Monalisa Perez and Pedro Ruiz were a young couples, ages 19 and 22, who had planned on spending the rest of their lives together with their daughter and baby boy on the way. But that all ended Monday (June 26) when a stunt for YouTube turned fatal. Perez and Ruiz were YouTube vloggers who made numerous videos displaying their daily life as well as videos that included various stunts and pranks. This was, however, their most dangerous stunt yet.

Apparently, Ruiz gave Perez a 50 caliber handgun, instructing her to shoot a bullet into the book that he was holding in front of him. (I thought bullets shoot through anything… you know besides anything bulletproof) Well it turns out that Ruiz had previously performed this stunt with a book and when the gun was fired, the book actually stopped the bullet from going through it.

Pedro Ruiz, 22 (left) and Mona Lisa Perez, 19 (right)

Because the stunt had previously worked, Ruiz was set on recording it a second time around to put on their YouTube channel, believing that it would make them “YouTube Famous.” Unfortunately, things did not turn out how the couple had planned. On Monday around 6:30 p.m. Norman County sherrif’s deputies responded to a reported shooting. Monalisa was very apprehensive about doing this stunt on her boyfriend Ruiz, but after convincing her that everything was going to go as they had planned, she agreed to do it. They even promoted the stunt on their social media accounts saying that this would be the most dangerous stunt that they’ve ever done.

Monalisa fired the caliber, and the bullet went through the book right into Ruiz’s chest. Police responded to the incident and efforts were made to save Ruiz’s life, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. Perez, 19, has since then been arrested and in jail for reckless discharge of a firearm.

Hot 99.1 family, this is wrong for so many reasons. As a result of this stunt, which was clearly dangerous, a man has now lost his life, Perez has not only lost the love of her life, but the father of her two children. Their children will no longer have the chance of growing up with their father. My condolences to both the Perez and Ruiz families as I’m sure this is a very, very difficult time for them. I urge everyone to please be safe and don’t try any dangerous stunts or pranks that are a risk to yours or someone else’s well-being.