According to ABC News rapper, Nipsey Hussle was killed in a shooting outside of his LA store. Two other men were also shot and is in serious condition, the suspect or suspects remains unknown. The incident happened just hours after the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crip member tweeted "having strong enemies is a blessin." 33 year old Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times in front of his South Los Angeles clothing store,  Marathon Clothing on Slauon Ave. Nipsey who real name is, Ermias Ashegdom was rushed to a hospital and unfortunately pronounced dead. The grammy-nominated rapper shares a 2 year old child  with actress Lauren London, the investigation is still ongoing.

The rapper was a inspiration in the community as well as the music industry. Born August 15th, 1985 in Crenshaw neighborhood, South Los Angeles. Nipsey Hussle hustled in the music industry for 14 years, his music represented everyday life growing in the South LA, Crenshaw neighborhoods and the reality of gang violence and the black community. Nipsey always stood up for rising above poverty, ownership and unity in the community, a real Philanthropist.

This morning on Ebro in the morning they mourned his tragic death. Ebro tells how the Crenshaw rapper opened up his own clothing store Marathons Clothing, in the same neighborhood and parking lot he admits he used to sell drugs at employing local up-and-coming artists and Residents from his community. Ownership and cutting out the middleman was always important to Nipsey.

In a interview with Fox News cameras follow him as he shows the different business ventures he has planned for the future of his community plans of opening such as restaurants revamping his neighborhood basketball court. March 31,2019 is definitely a sad day for hip hop we lost a cultural King, someone lost a husband and a father a son a brother. Nipsey Hussle music as well as his inspiration to always be better and bigger than yourself will live on. Victory lap which was his last album was nominated for a Grammy. Our prayers and condolences go out to his beautiful wife Lauren London and their son as well as their families.




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