Any sneaker head will tell you there isn’t a name more synonymous with shoes than Chuck Taylor. Yes, there’s also that “Jordan” guy, however, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars have been around since 1917. MJ wasn’t even born yet. The shoe brand has lasted the test of time and they continue their relevance today as they announced an official partnership with rapper, Wiz Khalifa.

Wiz had appeared in advertisements for the shoe in the past, but according to this tweet, something bigger is in the works.


The sneaks have always been heavily supported by the hip hop community. They even own a Converse-branded recording studio in Brooklyn.

Unlike Jordans, Chuck Taylors weren’t named after a hard court legend. Taylor did play high school ball but the shoes donned his name mostly for his sales experience with Converse. He helped modify the shoe and they were labeled with his name in 1923. Over 600 million pairs of the iconic brand have been sold.

Wiz hasn’t released the specifics of his deal but we’ll keep you posted with further information.