Countries all over the globe are scrambling to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Health officials are suggesting that a new vaccine may be approved before the end of the year, but there are certainly many people who are reluctant to take it.

While many people will leap at the opportunity to avoid COVID-19 at any cost, many reasonable people are skeptical of a vaccine that is being rushed through the clinical trial process.

Whether to have your child vaccinated or not, has been a dilemma for many parents long before COVID-19 was a thing. Parents are strongly encouraged to have children vaccinated from birth, but there are a lot of parents who have been refusing to have their children vaccinated for childhood diseases.

On January 1, a law went into effect in New York that removed some vaccine exemptions. The new law requires physicians to explain why a child needs to be exempt from vaccination.

Some parents were so concerned about having their children vaccinated, they are suing the state of New York to keep their children vaccine free. The class-action lawsuit claims that parents must choose between having their child stay at home, or vaccinating them and potentially killing them.

All of this was going on before we were forced to shut down, and now health experts are saying that they need to vaccinate everyone against COVID-19. If parents were already leery of vaccinating their children against childhood diseases, a vaccine that was rushed through clinical trials certainly will not put them at ease. What’s your opinion, would you vaccinate your child against COVID19 right now?

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