Snoop Dogg's son just EARND a free ride to UCLA. Instead of saluting Snoop's parenting and congratulating the young man people decided to hate. When the children of celebrities EARN free rides to big universities for their talents, some people get mad.


In their minds, since the child’s parent or parents can more than afford to fund their education (and the education of a few other kids), such scholarships should be reserved for students in a financial strait. Singer Monica had to check a troll who left a hate filled comment about the young man on her IG.

People hated when Diddy's son earned a scholarship to UCLA. Now they are hating on Snoop's son. My question is what does this young man's good grades and athletic ability have to do with his father being a rapper ? Nothing he did well in school and earned a scholarship.

These are the same people that would complain and mock him if he followed in his Dad's steps and became a rapper. There is no pleasing people. Your mad because he EARNED a scholarship that doesn't seem right to me ?