If you haven't heard about Diddy assaulting his son's football coach, get the whole story here.

Diddy is notorious for putting his hands on someone and has quite the reputation. In this instance, not being there, I don't know if Diddy was all the way wrong. People are disrespectful, especially to celebrities. If I was rich, I don't think I would tolerate disrespect at all.

Money buys you a certain level of respect. I don't see Diddy just attacking this man for no reason at all, it doesn't make sense. I'm sure he was warned several times, and the kettle bell doesn't seem logical. I wasn't there but I have seen several instances of disrespect end up with someone getting physical. Especially at sporting events involving peoples' children.

I'm sure Diddy won't do a day in jail over this. I'm also sure this coach will think twice before talking greasy to Diddy's son again.

Drop a comment and let me know whether you think Diddy was right or wrong?