Summer has barely begun and already the City of Albany has seen a devastating increase in gun violence. We already have too many forces working against us with COVID-19 and police violence.

According to WNYT, the Mayor of Albany, Kathy Sheehan, is furious about the recent increase in gun violence. Mayor Sheehan released a statement on Wednesday addressing the recent shootings. Mayor Sheehan said, “I am outraged to learn of more instances of gun violence occurring in the city of Albany. One shooting is too many, and the trend that we are experiencing is unacceptable and unbearable. Our residents deserve better, and our city deserves better.“

Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins is also concerned with the recent increase in gun violence. He called the recent shootings a, “disturbing series of events.“ There were four people shot in Albany in one day.

The first report occurred approximately 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, near S. Pearl St. and Morton Avenue. A man was driving a U-Haul truck when someone shot inside the truck striking him in the torso. He later died.

Quail Street and First Street was the scene of two more shootings. At approximately 2:30 p.m., a gunman shot into several cars striking a man in the arm and a woman in the neck. The woman is currently hospitalized in stable condition.

The fourth person shot was a 16-year-old child. They were shot in the leg in the area of Clinton Street and 2nd Ave.

Police Chief Hawkins is asking for assistance from the New York State Police and the Albany County Sheriff’s Office to help curtail shootings.

The Mayor of Albany is furious about the increase in gun violence, the Chief of Police is disturbed by it, and I am concerned and saddened by it. I would hate to see another brother or sister lose their life senselessly.

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