If you are unemployed in the Capital Region you need to know that Sunday July 4th is the date that 'Forfeit Day' penalties return from the New York State Department of Labor. These penalties had been suspended due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency but that suspension will be lifted this weekend. So, what are forfeit days?

Forfeit days are enforced by the New York Department of Labor when an unemployed resident chooses to make a false statement or representation in order to receive benefits. The penalty is harsh with an individual penalized 25% of their benefits for each day forfeited that week. If you have four forfeit days, you would receive no benefits for that week.

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The good news is that forfeit days do expire, eventually. It actually takes 2 years from the date of the Notice of Determination. If you appeal the determination, the expiration date of the penalty is two years from the mail date that a decision was made on your appeal.

When you get your notice of determination in the mail instructions on how to appeal will be included. The New York Department of Labor will not try to collect payments from you while your appeal is in progress. Any payment you made will be refunded if you are found eligible for the benefits.

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