Unemployment claims have skyrocketed all over the country due to the coronavirus. One estimate last week said that 16 million had filed for unemployment benefits. To help streamline this huge flow of applications the state of New York has tried to simplify the process with a new and improved system.

According to an article on www.nyup.com the new system for unemployment doesn't require applicants to call in to complete the application process. The new system has Department of Labor workers calling applicants back, and that's where there have been some issues.

Because of social distancing orders, most of The New York State Department of Labor employees are working from home. The workers are calling from their private home phone or cell phone. So, when the unemployment applicant sees either "PRIVATE CALLER" or an unrecognized number a lot of people just assume it's a telemarketer or sales call.

Don't make the mistake and ignore these calls if you've filed for unemployment. By not picking up the phone you could delay the process.

"To prevent fraud, anyone calling from the Department of Labor will verify their identity by providing the date you filed your unemployment insurance application and the type of claim you filed," ~Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon

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