College is the best four years of your life according to some. It's also the THIRSTIEST four years of your life for most people. This leads to some seriously RATCHET behavior, which is good for some seriously funny stuff for us grown and classy folks. Yesterday, all that thirst found a home on Twitter with the @UA_Crushes account, which allows users to anonymously confess WHO THEY WANT and WHAT THEY WANT!!!!

Let me tell you, if you want to read some of the least classy things you've ever seen in your life, go hit up UA Crushes on Twitter. These kids are out of their minds. Seriously. Maybe I was just uncool, but my experience at UAlbany was nothing like these people, and I am definitely glad. We're talking some seriously MESSED UP ish in most of the tweets. But hey, different strokes for different folks, right???

Most of the tweets are about athletes on campus, because they totally need the confidence boost and help finding people to get it on with, right? Being a Division 1 athlete wouldn't take care of those things at all. SMH.

The account has already gained over 1,000 followers, 1,311 of them to be exact, and they have given us one solid day of entertainment so far.

By the way, this is how members of the opposite sex talk about each other. Usually people just assume that guys are the ones who talk the big games, but this experiment has shown us that the ladies can get their ratchet on just as well as the fellas.

Have you been featured in any of the confessions so far? Do you want to be? Drop us a comment ON OUR TWITTER @hot991albany and let us know what you think about the phenomenon that is sweeping UAlbany.

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