“You're old, no your old! No you're old!”

On October 29, 1969, the internet era began as UCLA Computer Science Professor Len Kleinrock sent the first message on ARPANET, a network of computers that would evolve to become the internet. 5 decades later, and 30 years since the World Wide Web brought the internet into the mainstream, global digital connectivity has changed our world.

Some would say it has changed it for the worst. Times are always changing and with change comes great responsibility. Some people blame the internet for our relationships failing and say cyberspace is a corrupt an evil influence on our society. Some of the root causes of our online corruption are no surprise, think of the rise of trolling and artificial intelligence bots spewing fake news!
Everybody always focuses on the negative, but there are some positive sides to the internet as well. We now have access to information more quickly than before! Doing research is a breeze now, and you can communicate faster than a letter. Also it has created more jobs! If you have a computer at home it’s so easy to make money while working from home.

So happy 50th birthday Internet! Do you think the Internet has made a positive effect on our lives or negative?

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