Have you ever been sitting at home on your phone on wifi and a page takes too long to load, so you switch over to data? It’s hilarious proof that we all love faster internet. But outside of streaming Netflix in 4K, faster internet is the backbone of the modern economy’s next step as more and more business moves online.

SiFi Networks, a fiber optic cable company out of New Jersey, has announced a new timeline for making one Capital Region city the state’s first 100% fiber optic internet city, with every home and business getting a connection. As soon as next fall, the area will have a new high speed internet leader, that could lead to a major economic boom.

What’s So Great About Fiber Optic?

Glass filaments that make up fiber optic internet cables.

The difference between fiber optic and traditional cable is that fiber uses flexible strands of glass to transmit signals via light, while normal cables send data via copper filaments. Because of easier transfer, fiber optic internet’s average speed is around 1,000mbps. Average cable internet speed in the US was 72mbps, according to the FCC in 2017.

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Under perfect conditions, fiber optic internet can reach speeds of 6,000mbps. Uploads are also considerably faster. This is necessary for many new tech businesses, and could make the difference in where Upstate’s next major tech facility is.

Which Capital Region City Will Be New York’s First Fully Fiber Connected and By When?

Saratoga Springs Sign

SiFi Networks has been developing and installing fiber optic cables in Saratoga Springs since earlier this year, funded by Saratoga Spring FiberCity. Both Spectrum and a new internet provider, GigabitNow, announced they will offer 1,000mbps fiber optic plans.

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The Albany Business Review says full citywide fiber optic access won’t arrive until 2024, but some homes will be able to receive the high-speed service by next fall. Expect to see more corporations scouting new locations in the city before then.

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Check Out this 19th Century Abandoned Farm House in Saratoga

Located on the grounds of the vast Saratoga Spa State Park, it's known as the La Tour Farmhouse. Back in 2009 the Post Star did an expose on the home, which has sat vacant for decades. Apparently it has a very rich history. It was built circa 1835 as part of a large 135 acre farm, in the early 1900's it was converted into a two family home. As Saratoga State Park began to expand, the land and the house were purchased by the state in 1928. It was occupied by workers at the nearby nursery until about 1978.

After that, it was vacant. The state threw out a couple different ideas, but apparently there's not even a driveway leading to the house, which made accessibility that much more difficult. Efforts to demolish the house were hindered because of the cost associated with razing it.

As for 2022, it's difficult to find any information on the structure. It's possible that it's still there, again any plans or records for the home, at least on a Google search, show the last plans for the house came about in 2009 when David Patterson was Governor. At the time, the plan was to tear it down, but that apparently never happened.

This video and the photos were taken back in 2014 as the building just sat, waiting and waiting to find out its fate. Apparently there are some other historic abandoned structures on the site. Although damaged by nature and neglect, it's nice to see it hasn't been hit by vandals - at least at the time of this video.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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