There are some pretty cool virtual camps being offered for free online through Microsoft including backpacking in the United Kingdom and coding your own video games. Here's how to sign up for your kids. According to News 10 ABC, there are free virtual summer camps for kids all ages up until eighteen online and they start this Thursday, July 23rd. There are tons of classes offered and a wide range of cool virtual camps for your kids to explore.

The range of classes includes coding your own football computer game, start your own business, create your own Minecraft story, tour The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, take a virtual backpack tour across the United Kingdom, and many more. There are many summer camp times available so you can register for many classes per day.

There are many Microsoft virtual summer camps available for a wide range of ages up to eighteen. Many of the classes are for kids eight years old and older. There are some summer camps that may require a free account to register. To get a list of all of the classes and to begin to register, you can click HERE.

I love that there are many creative ways for kids to do summer camp during the coronavirus pandemic. These classes are both educational and fun and I think many parents will enjoy having their kids learning and having fun online. Plus it helps that these summer camps are free.

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