Taylor Bennett, brother of Chance The Rapper, stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his new project 'Be Yourself'.Picked up at freestyle 230

- What separates you from chance

- Coming out as bisexual on twitter

- Why he came out

- Taylor slid in producer Dan's girlfriend's DMs

- Album cover for 'Be Yourself'

- Young Thug being an inspiration

- Have you been treated differently since coming out

- Is hip-hop still homophobic

- How much of your identity is rooted in your sexuality

- Do gay jokes bother you

- Dads advice on out of shape album cover

- Speaking out for Chicago - segregated city

- Struggle of Chicago rappers

- Artists leaving Chicago

- Being torn between wanting designer items and giving up all jewelry

- Being compared to Chance

- Major labels knocking at your door

- Could you be in monogamous relationship

- Chance catching heat for his proposal

Watch the full interview below:


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