Dj Supreme back at again with another Download Or Delete HOT track. It's all up to you to let us know the music you want to hear on the air. With another local edition of Download Or Delete, this time featuring Albany's own U.S. Bay.

This time around we have U.S. Bay with another single of his I Hate U.S. Bay Too EP. That dropped late last year and is available on all streaming outlets Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and YouTube Music.

Bay is always consistent and is looking for that breakthrough single to put him in the national spotlight. This time U.S. Bay has teamed up with another 518 great that has been featured numerous times on Hot 991, NBHD Nick. NBHD Nick jumps on the high-energy track with boasters energy “All On Me” and delivers bars.

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This song is all about bragging and having it all, some of my favorite lines from Nick are “Digitize my funds I’m talking big business my cash not photogenic can’t take no pics with it”

U.S. Bay also comes through with a solid ending to the track with that money talk “ Counting up All these racks spend it get it right back. Money keeps coming in while I sit in the trap”.

The beat definitely knocks, and the chorus is catchy. The track was produced by Jacardi Dark the two make a nice combination, that is sure to put the Capital Region sound on the map. That's just my thoughts on the song but you are the judge, jury, and executioner on this one.

I have to ask the question should we download this one or delete it? Vote below, 100 votes and we will add it to the Capital Region Playlist. Let me know if “All on Me” a download or a dub. Vote Below:

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Hot 5 Capital Region Artist

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