More new vibes from some of the 518's finest tonight we have new music from Touch Money Cease. This one is entitled Meaningless Words.

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Touch Money Cease delivers over this heavily 808 infused track produced Dvtchie. This one will definitely knock from the spring into the summer. Touch Money Cease touches on a subject that a lot of men struggle with the priority of being a player or being a faithful guy in a relationship.

A lot of time men get caught up when they find the one they want to commit but struggle with dealing with the streets. Men usually get caught up and lie about the situation and use meaningless words to get out of getting caught up.

Touch Money Cease gives an interesting perspective on the struggle. Touch Money delivers bars such as "Get caught in a lie call my friends and they tag along, known in the streets so when I creep I get tattled on."

He definitely delivers insight into the mindset of a player, ladies should take a listen if you have ever had a man that you would constantly catch "lying", maybe the words aren't meaningless according to Touch Money Cease.

The song is definitely a bop but it's up to you to be the judge jury and executioner on this one. Ladies don't hate let us know whether we should download or delete Meaningless Words by Touch Money Cease.

This one is a definite download for me, it's up to you 100 Votes and we will add it to the Capital Region Playlist.

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