It’s just a MJ type of  Tuesday aint it?

Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect/Getty Images


Well, maybe every day is a MJ day for you and ya know it is for me, love his music, grew up on it, but for some reason today I have one of his more serious songs stuck in my head….and the song is so tride and true, it’s timeless, he knew what he was singing about.

Plain and simple – “if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make the change!!”

Get up , get out and do something !!

Taking it back this Tuesday with the Michael Jackson’s very mighty “Man in the Mirror.” I always stop when I hear this song and get brought back down to reality and realize the important things we should all be putting our energy into instead of the constant complaining and negativity.


With 9.11 being tomorrow, I think this song will help put things into perspective as we dread reliving tomorrow’s feeling but get reminded of just how lucky we are to be here on this planet….take a listen, pay attention.