Drake Vs Madonna
Drake was back at Coachella last night, but this time as a headliner. Capping off the night, Drizzy ran through his catalog and brought out special guest, Madonna. While performing “Human Nature” The Material Girl planted a kiss on The Boy...
One of the Couples Married at the Grammys Speaks Out
Just try to imagine it: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing at your wedding, alongside Mary Lambert and Madonna (!). Superstars like Beyonce and Paul McCartney crying tears of joy watching you get married. Celebs like Anna Kendrick snapping shots of you while you say your vows, repeating the words …
Madonna and Nicki Minaj Kiss [VIDEO]
Now that I have you attention ! Nicki Minaj was busy at a video shoot yesterday and Madonna showed up with birthday cupcakes. This part really confuses me because Nicki Minaj’s birthday is in December.