The Queen of Pop is going back on the road. Madonna is celebrating four decades of music and reinvention this year on the aptly named Celebration Tour. This will be her twelfth tour, after her last was cut short by COVID in March 2020.

Expect lots of New York references and influence at each performance. Madonna says she wants The Celebration Tour to “pay respect to the city of New York, where her career in music began.” It makes sense that with so much NY love, it would take more New York tour date to show her appreciation here.

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Hits like “Holiday,” “Lucky Star,” and “Borderline,” rocketed Madonna to super-stardom with her 5x Platinum self-titled album in 1983. The Queen of Pop spent the next forty years making headlines and pushing the boundaries of her own sound. Madonna released her 14th studio album, Madame X, in 2019.

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The tour starts in mid-July with 25 stops in the US and Canada, then she’ll have 11 shows in Europe during October, November, and December. New York City and Paris are the only two cities that get multiple shows for the Celebration Tour.

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For Madonna fans across New York, you’ll probably have to travel to make a show. If you’re in Western New York, your best bet is at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on August 13. For North Country and some Upstate fans, it might be worth the trip to Montreal’s Bell Centre on August 19.

For those in the Capital Region and Downstate, you can see Madonna perform where it all began: New York City at Madison Square Garden. She has two shows planned on August 23 and 24, and there are sure to be some big plans and surprises worthy of 40 years in the making.

Tickets for The Celebration Tour go on sale Friday at 10a.

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