Rap will always have certain cities that take off during a particular era, and many times, the spotlight is put back on a region thanks to popular artists at the moment. Right now, it feels like it's Memphis' time once again. There's a multitude of acts from that area who are finding success in their own ways. One of the younger names making noise now is Lil Double 0, a 20-year-old rapper who has only been delivering rhymes since 2020. Nudged into rap by personal tragedy, the slick-talking street artist has risen through the ranks quickly, joining Future's FreeBandz Gang and racking up features with Lil Uzi Vert, EST Gee and Nardo Wick along the way. But Lil Double 0's success doesn't lie in the relationships he's built; his budding charisma and gritty lyrics have gotten him here, a testament to the time he's put in.

Back in the day, Lil Double 0 used to kick it with his friends who rapped, and occasionally joined in. At the time, he was more focused on the streets and never saw music in his future. Once he lost two of his closest friends—one to a murder and one to a jail sentence—he decided to carry their dreams being artists onward. What started out as a form of expression quickly turned into something Lil Double excelled at, especially once his song "007" took off in late 2020.

On "007," he goes from flow to flow as he discusses the happenings in his hood. What's so distinct about Double 0 is he can do whatever cadence he wants while staying on the same train of thought and weaving together clever lyrics. He continued to focus on that trait from then on, dropping multiple projects like 4K (2020), Slimin' 4K Beats (2021), Walk Down Gang (2021) and Walk Down World, his 2022 project from early November. He now has multiple songs that are streaming well off Walk Down World, like "Meet The Walkers 2" with Nardo Wick, the EST Gee-assisted "Fight That Switch (Walk)" and "Good On Love" with Future.

Nowadays, Lil Double 0's style is more polished and rounded out with catchy hooks and a high level of confidence from bar to bar. He sounds like a rapper who feels he can go toe to toe with anyone. To get to that point in just two years shows his passion for music. As he prepares to release more music (including collabs with Lil Jairmy), Lil Double 0 has taken off at a pace that few in his lane can match.

On this week's episode of The Break: Live, Lil Double O checks in with XXL about finding his footing in the rap game. Check out the full interview below.

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"Fight That Switch (Walk)" featuring EST Gee

"Who You Killed"

Walk Down World

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