50 Cent loves to troll on social media and his latest target is Madonna. This week, the Power co-creator compared the pop icon to an alien after she posted a risqué photo of herself on Instagram.

On Friday (June 3), 50 Cent reposted a picture from Madonna’s IG page in which the singer is sitting on the bed with her legs open while rocking necklaces and wearing black-colored cat-eye sunglasses.

"Jet-lag," she captioned the photo along with an airplane emoji, a skull emoji and a silver heart emoji. Historically, Madge is famous for sharing provocative photographs of herself.

Fif, seemingly offended by the picture, suggested that Madonna “chill out” from taking sensual photos. “I hope she didn’t make her kids take this picture,” he wrote in the caption. “LOL at 63 somebody tell her to chill out please. #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi."

50 also added three additional pics of different aliens to allude that Madonna looks like an extraterrestrial in her photo.

In the past, 50 Cent has poked fun at Madonna for posting sexy photos of herself on IG. Last December, Fif and Madge got into a war of words on social media after the New York rapper objected to the veteran singer’s pics of her clad in lingerie.

But there was another rapper who shared the same sentiments as 50 Cent. Last January, Nelly was offended by Madonna's photo gallery, where she revealed her booty while posing next to a car. Nelly went into her comment section to voice his displeasure. The St. Louis rhymer reportedly wrote and deleted the comment, “Some things should be covered up.”

Nelly’s remark garnered backlash from Madonna fans who accused him of ageism and sexism.

"THESE TIRED RAPPERS NEED TO STOP JUST BECAUSE YOUR 15MIN OF FAME IS UP DON'T F**K WITH OUR QUEEN!" wrote one user on Twitter, while another person tweeted, "Nelly your bitching about a woman’s body is not your damn business. Sit down and shut up."

No matter how much 50 Cent objects, it looks like Madonna will continue to share any photos of herself that she wants with her fans.

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