2Pac & Madonna? What? We didn't know about this hook-up in the late 90's, but Rosie Perez put it on blast when she stopped by The Wendy Williams show this week to promote her new memoir, "Handbook For an Unpredictable Life".

Rosie Perez revealed to Wendy Williams on her show this week her struggles to stardom starting with how she was abandoned by her mother, was a ward of the state, & bounced around fosters homes as a child, even living somewhere in upstate NY. She revealed her deep anger issues, & even said out of love, for Chris Brown to come to terms with any demons he still has from his childhood, as a root of any anger issues.

Rosie went on to drop a bomb on us by saying although 2Pac was her date to The Soul Train Music Awards in the late 90's it was because she was stood up by another famous celeb who she would not reveal. But she did reveal how 2Pac made it known to her he was determined to hook up with Madonna & he did eventually smash the legendary queen of pop.

Apparently Madonna was "desperate " to have 2Pac's baby, long before Lourdes as she was on the hunt for a sperm donor! Wow! Madonna was really shall we say , "loose", as we all know by her sex book & other sexual exploits. 2Pac eventually dumped Madonna because he was getting alot of backlash in his hood for dating a "white girl", even though it was Madonna afterall!

Rosie also talked about her fight with the legendary Don Cornelius on Soul Train, throwing a chicken wing at his head, yes fa real, & being at odds with Jennifer Lopez behind the scenes of In Living Color. Rosie discovered JLo so you'd think she's be grateful, but from how Rosie made it seem, JLo is a total "B" word & diva behind the scenes! Wow, now I would never ever have thought that! Diva maybe yes, but "B" word...wow!!

Thank you Rosie (In her accent) for all the celeb gossip & dishin the dirt we didn't know!

Check  out the interview here!