It’s very rare that you see an ex husband get a sweet deal in a divorce settlement.
That’s exactly what Wendy Williams ex Kevin Hunter got while I can tell Wendy got her peace of mind back and that right there is priceless. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but it sure didn’t look like that if you see what he got in the settlement. I know most woman would have fought to the death after finding out he got his mistress pregnant a year ago. Ya’ll need to look at this list, the brotha got off nice!! According to the New York Post under the terms of the agreement:

  • Williams will have to take care of Hunter’s health insurance;
  • Williams and Hunter will split the profits from the Livingston, New Jersey, home. It is currently on the market for $1.7 million;
  • Hunter got a lump sum from Williams along with a severance payment from Wendy, Inc., though the amount was not disclosed. Some speculate the number to be in the millions;
  • Hunter will be allowed to retain ownership of his businesses;
  • Hunter gets to keep his ultra-luxury whips, including a Ferrari and Rolls Royce;
  • Williams will have to keep a $1 million life insurance policy on herself that will go to
  • Hunter in case of her death, even though she has a right to reduce the amount on a yearly basis.
  • Williams will get to keep all of the money in the former couple’s joint bank account;
  • All of Hunter’s shares in Wendy Williams Productions Inc. will be transferred over to Williams.
  • Williams is now the sole owner of Wendy, Inc.
  • Both parties paid their own legal fees.

At least she owns her company now and can peacefully move on with her life. I’ve been reading social media and a lot of woman aren’t happy about this, but if the tables were reversed there would be a whole lot of high fives. You can’t have it both ways. Men have rights too in a divorce, and Wendy learned about it the hard way for over 20 years.  It looks like when it comes to marriage if you have money you should just say no.

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