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Only on The Go Getta Show do we let you know its OK to get a 'Quickie In" on your lunch break or wherever you are!
If you missed The Quickie Mix with Me,  ADRI V and DJ Sight  don't worry we got you covered. Get the Quickie here and get it in right now...
Friday Flash Back Flava: 1995
TGIF!! Can I get a TGIF!! We did it, we made it, we have won the week long battle! You know I like to bring it back and flash it back whenever I can on air and on line, so today we definitely got to flash it back! It's Friday, it's payday for many, so let us GET MONEY!
It’s Alright! Flashback Friday
It's Friday, sing along with me FRIDAY , FRIDAY!!! And not only are we in the"Aint Worried About Nuthin!" mode we are also in the It's "Alright !" mode too, so let's flash it back with Janet, Ms Jackson if your nasty shall we???