Ok, ok, so I could be rushing it BUT, let's face it, it was chilly last night and it was HOODIE TIME and I now declare it hoodie time!

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Well, this can be anytime but my definition of this time of the year is hoodie time!! Hooray!! I heard a random guy make a comment to a lady in Stewart's last night about how sad and too soon it is for her to be wearing a hoodie, and she told him "look, it's chilly out there and I love my hoodie!" And I thought, you tell him girl, U GO GIRL!!

I picked myself up a new one the other day as a matter of fact. I went to the store to grab some odds & ends and somehow found myself and this other lady hovering around some cheap hoodies , we laughed, because we both agreed that we both needed another hoodie like a hole in the head as the saying goes...and still grabbed one off of the sale rack, and laughed again, because now I had to go grab a cart! I walked away quickly before another one ended up in my cart.

Nothing like a hoodie, jeans, and flip flops, yes flip flops, I will rock my flippers until my toes are ready to fall off btw!! Besides, I hate covering up my pretty dope music note tattoo art on my leftie.

Hip hip hooray for hoodie time as it slowly makes way through the now chilly nights of the Cap Region.
STOP HOODIE TIME!! Ok, well , have to post this video now don't I?