If you have been following the Spectrum debacle that has been going on ever since Spectrum brought Time Warner Cable. Spectrum made promises to deliver internet speeds that aren't capable in NY State, and the technology to improve speeds is too costly.

According to WGRZ

$62.5 million in refunds will go to 700,000 Spectrum customers across the state.

Last December, the attorney general ordered Charter Spectrum to make these refunds, after the company promised customers internet speeds that it could not deliver.

Those customers who are getting some money back should see it on their March billing statement.

The refund could range between $75 and $150.

I believe I'm one of the people getting a refund, I hope this refund is not made into a discount on next month's bill. This ordeal seems shady because at one point in time the governor told Spectrum they had to leave the state.

The state and the company have been working toward a settlement in that case, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo has continued to rail against the company for a union strike involving 1,800 utility workers in the New York City area

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