It's always a great feeling to me when I meet dope artists and instantly vibe with them. Especially if I already see them going far based on their work ethic and humbleness.

Last week, Souly Had and Entreband stopped by the studio to chop some things up with me and introduce themselves to some Hot 99.1 listeners. We talked about their music, some previous shows they did, and even broke the ice with a game of random questions that I think their lady audience will appreciate it. We also touched based on some new music and projects that will be rolling out very soon and a possibility that they may bring back there infamous vlogs.

A few facts that I got to know about Souly and Entreband is:

1) Souly Had, Mac Moon, Deo and Mostly Everything are the original four, but there are about 7 more artists who are Entreband as well. They just happen to live in other states.

2) Deo is the shy one but be cooling. Souly Had has had his fair share of the ladies and is focused on his music. Mac Moon is the swagiest and Mostly Everything is the one with a good head on his shoulders and also changed his name because there was too many Harold's out in the world.

3) Souly Had has almost 270,000 Spotify listeners and both his song Crush and Life Line hit the million view mark on Spotify. Crush just did 2 million streams recently.

4) More visuals and songs are being produced and we will get to hear them soon. Fall of 2018 is going to be LIT.

5) They have a show at Jupiter Hall August 24th show starts at 8 and its open to all ages.

6) This was there first time doing a radio interview and I got to pop their interview cherry on that, Thanks, Fellas :)

Also a special shout out to DJ Siroc who brought Souly Had and Entreband to my attention and is now their official DJ. For more of Souly Had and Entreband check out the interview below.


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