TikTok's "Devious Licks Challenge" has come to New York State and your children might be to blame. This latest social media trend encourages kids to steal and cause damage. Much of this happens at schools such as Shenendehowa High School, specifically the bathrooms. Stalls are being knocked down, toilets clogged, soap dispensers ripped off walls, mirrors smashed, and that is just the beginning.

According to NBC 13, kids are encouraged to record their destructive actions and post it to TikTok. Schools are becoming aware but at what price and what can you do about it? Hire security to stand in the bathrooms all day? Close the bathrooms? What are the consequences?

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It's been a challenge, especially for our custodial staff, What we've seen here is predominantly in bathrooms. A lot of soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers being ripped off walls. Some go missing, some are left. Seeing some damage to emergency lights, damage to exit signs. - Ron Agostinoni, the principal of Shenendehowa High School.

Have you been sucked into TikTok yet? Talk about instant gratification. If you don't like one :5 second video you just keep swiping until you find a different :5 seconds of entertainment. What I have seen is a lot of copying of others and not a ton of originality. Now there is a TikTok trend/challenge that is not only a problem, it is illegal.

TikTok claims they don't allow videos that feature illegal activity and they do not encourage the Devious Licks Challenge. At the same time there are TikTok sponsored videos on YouTube that showcase this behavior. All to collect likes, follows, subscribers, etc. Here are some examples of what is going on.

Devious Licks Challenge

What started as a TikTok prank has become illegal.

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