He has been accused of stomping a cat and then swinging the car against a tree.  This all happened in the great town of Schenectady on Union Street in the 1100 block.  Police arrested this man after he was witnessed abusing the cat and to make matters even worse the cat died.

Nothing really surprised me anymore why would someone do such a thing to cat for no reason.  The cat didn't do anything to deserve to die like this.  The man claimed the cat was hit by a car and was suffering so he decided to stomp the cat to kill the animal to take it out of its misery.  How stupid can one person be?

This man will probably get off with a slap on the wrist for doing something so stupid.  If it is proven he committed these awful crimes against a defenseless animal he deserves all the jail time in the world.

Well, let's look on the positive side at least he didn't violate the cat sexually.  SMH at this story what is going on in Schenectady?

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