Just when you thought television couldn’t get any more glamorous, Samsung creates the ultimate high-end viewing experience.

The new luxury gadget, which boasts a gold-painted curved back complete with a 78-inch UHD TV screen, will not only serve as a symbolic hierarchy of America’s favorite pasttime, but it's for a good cause too.

Samsung teamed up with Christie's, the fine arts auction house, to auction off the golden tube with all proceeds going to Orbis International, an NGO that aims to prevent and treat blindness.

Just how detailed is the exclusive telly? South Korean artists Sung Yong Hong used a Korean lacquer-painting technique called Ottchil to paint television scenes and other characters to the back of the tube.

For those who want a glimpse at the “golden child,” Samsung’s latest creation will be displayed at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre starting Nov. 20.