In Rochester a man thought he was going to get away with robbing an elderly woman.  Well this woman was a bodybuilder! That’s right, 82 and lifting!

According to CNN, It all happened Thursday night when a man began pounding on an 82-year-old woman door and broke into her home after she wouldn’t let him.  He did a fake cry for help saying he was sick, and when she called authorities for help, he broke in. She hid for a bit but the minute she had an opportunity she picked up a table and as she puts it “went to work on him.” She must have injured him bad enough because when officers arrived, the man was sent to the hospital and the woman was applauded by first responders.

Go ahead ma’am!  Goes to show you that you are never too old to stay in shape and protect yourself. The woman says she can deadlift 225 pounds! Impressive.   

Are you inspired yet?  Let me hit the gym!

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