This Sunday, March 9th will mark 17 years since we lost one of the best rappers in the game, our boy, The Notorius B.I.G. aka Biggie aka Biggie Smalls. I just cannot believe how all this time flew by so quickly. Writing about this brings me back, makes me think of good times, and my favorite Biggie song.

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For me, hands down, it is Juicy. I love so many Biggie songs, trust me, but if I had to put 1 at the top of my list, Juicy it is!

Taking me back to 1994.... I think it has always been my favorite because it basically was our introduction to Biggie up here in the Cap Region. I remember hearing the song for the very first time, cruising around Schenectady (gotta rep where I grew up) in my friend's car aimlessly, because that's what we did, lol, and asking him, " Who is this???" I loved it immediately, I think he may of had it on a mix tape or something, it is a little blurry seeing we are talking 20 years ago! But, I do remember playing this song over and over and over again once I got it on CD. If it were a cassette tape, you can bet I would have "let my tape rock til my tape popped!"

On a side note: Shout out to my girl Pam, I always think of you when I hear this song.

Oh Biggie, if only we could bring you back. Gone way too soon and definitely was way ahead of his time. He was only 24 when he was killed, I will never forget when we found out this horrible news, but I don't want to bring our spirits down. We gotta keep his spirit alive and the memories of his music going and flowing until eternity, as he definitely is a hip hop legend.

RIP BIGGIE SMALLS - We miss you!

We all have a favorite Biggie song, or two, or three or four....share with us your favorite Biggie songs and memories below.