XXL has been a cornerstone of hip-hop journalism for more than 20 years. Two decades of dominance (and counting). And through all of those years of documenting the five W's of the culture, XXL has regularly featured the biggest and most impactful stars of the genre on the coveted front page of the magazine. To close out the decade (and celebrate the release of our new Winter 2019 issue, featuring Travis Scott), we're showcasing every magazine cover released in the past decade. Enjoy the walk down memory lane.

The start of the decade was packed with legends. The first two covers of 2010 were 50 Cent, the brash rapper from Queens, and Gucci Mane, the Atlanta trap rap godfather. The both of them are far removed from who they were at the start of the decade. Fif' is now known for his hit TV show Power and Gucci Mane has a brand new lease on life, leaving behind drugs and drinking to become an icon for health and fitness within hip-hop.

There were also some artists who grew into becoming legends of modern rap. Kendrick Lamar, who has graced multiple covers, landed his first XXL cover as a Freshman in 2011. He did it again with Dr. Dre, followed by a group cover with his Black Hippy homies. Solo covers followed soon after, as his star truly began to shine. Drake had a similar trajectory, sharing his first XXL cover with his Young Money label-mate Nicki Minaj, then getting one of his own, as his high-ranking position in hip-hop became undeniable.

Of course, it wouldn't be right to talk about all of the XXL covers from this decade with out discussing the Freshman classes. This grouping of the hottest talents of each year is both highly anticipated by the general public and a labor of love for the staff. Huge acts like Travis Scott, J. Cole, Meek Mill and XXXTentacion all got early moments in the sun on these covers. Here's to another decade of remaining a step ahead.

Check out all 99 XXL covers from this decade below.

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