Rampage Jackson is nearing the end of his UFC career and judging by this video he shot for FilmOn.com, he might be looking for a way to expedite his departure.

Why else would he agree to to show viewers how to rape a girl in a parking garage? He knows that fellow MMA fighter Miguel Torres was dismissed by the league over a rape joke he posted on Twitter. That must be the reason he’d attach himself to this absolute train wreck of a monstrosity.

The FilmOn.com YouTube channel is no longer available and so far the video has about 43,000 views with likes and dislikes just about split down the middle.

One commenter put it best:

pathetic. washed up one dimensional fighter clamoring for a little attention before he fades into obscurity.

As for us, we pity the fool who sullies BA’s name.

[Via The Big Lead]