While checking out all of the provisions that New York state is taking to fight Coronavrus, I found out that people will get paid work leave and also state prisoners make antibacterial hand sanitizer.

Did you know New York State prisoners made hand sanitizer? Maybe prisoners making hand sanitizer is old news. I'm just assuming the prison manufacturing is getting attention because of the widespread Coronavirus. How does this make you feel?

According to Syracuse.com

New York’s prisoners are going to ramp up production of state-manufactured hand sanitizer, which will be distributed to schools, state agencies, and other government offices, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today.

The people who are in charge of making sure we all have hand sanitizers are in prison? Something doesn’t seem right about that.

It seems like they just use these prisoners to make whatever is in trend right now. If these prisoners are capable of doing this type of work while in prison, why aren’t these opportunities afforded to them when they are released?

I get it that you're in prison to be punished but it's very hypocritical to make these people make life-saving materials in prison when the majority of them are in prison because of financial reasons. They should just be given state jobs instead of holding them in prison. I don’t see how anyone is paying their debt to society by making consumable products.

Do you agree with prisoners being forced to make products that are sold while serving prison time? This sounds like slavery, especially when it saves the state a bulky hand sanitizer bill. Free the guys.

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