2014 has been good for Pharrell thus far! He picked up a Grammy , he has an Oscar nomination & apparently has a huge heart. He has put that crazy, big old Grammy hat up for auction for a good cause and his hat could be yours!

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That hat has been the talk of the town ever since he wore that thing. I saw tweets comparing his Vivienne Westwood "Mountain" hat to Smokey the Bear, Arby's and even our very own Ranger Danger.

Welp, you now can own that hat. It is up for auction on eBay and so far it has had 70 bids with the current bid being.....can you guess how much? $100? $500? $1000?? NOPE - try $10,500! I aint kidding. The best part of his kind donation of that frumpy hat is the charity twist as the money raised by the highest bid will get donated.

I am really feeling the charity Pharrell chose for this unselfish movement. All proceeds will be donated to "From One Hand to Another." Their mission is to help change the world 1 child at a time.

A big kudos to Pharrell, as he took the accessory that everyone was ripping apart and turned it into a "Happy" story.