It's the unofficial kickoff of summer this weekend with Memorial Day!  Hopefully yours is an enjoyable one, and you don't get sick with any of this tainted meat.

According to WNYT, over 62,000 pounds of raw beef has been recalled.  A possible E.Coli contamination is the cause of the recall (is it me, or does it seem like these E.Coli recall's are pretty often).  The CDC has some information posted about E.Coli and risks with beef, and that's one of the best resources to go to if you're concerned.

WNYT reported that the meat came from the Aurora Packing Company, and inside the USDA mark of inspection has "EST. 788".  I haven't read anything about people getting sick yet, and WNYT has no reports.  It's definitely something to be aware of though going into a big grilling holiday, and the summer season.  Stay healthy!

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