Okay, so I'm not a nudist.

I have nothing against people who are- I mean, hey, to each their own.  I have actually even had my own experience on a nudist beach out in Utah while camping along the Colorado River (unintentionally).  But I do happen to find comedy in puns. So, looking through a list of nudist events in New York, I found myself cracking up at some of the event and location names.  If you are into nudity, you can check out a list of events here, otherwise, here's the 5 funniest names I came across:

  • Full Tan Sun Club - enough said, who needs tan lines.  Put it all out there!
  • Northern Exposure Sun Club - I once went to a strip club named 'Southern Exposure' so I mean, there's that.  It was pretty hysterical as well.
  • Buffalo in the Buff - Clearly in Buffalo, this club was meant to be.
  • Skinny Dip Falls - no discretion here, just putting it all out there, like the nudists.  Maybe that's why it was so funny to me?
  • Split Rock Hole - The idea of nudists at a place named with the words "split" and "hole" just gave me way too many laughs.  Yes I am childish and I'm ok with it.

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