No beef is ever truly dead.

Nick Cannon and Eminem feuded way back in 2009, when Cannon took exception to Em dissing Cannon's then-wife, superstar Mariah Carey, in a leaked song called "Bagpipes From Baghdad." At the time, Cannon said that he'd face off against Em in a rap battle to settle things. He also challenged the Detroit rhymer to a boxing match.

Going on seven years later, he's still itchin' to take on Slim Shady.

In an interview with British radio DJ Tim Westwood, Cannon revealed that he plans to host a rap battle on Wild N' Out and he issued an invite to Eminem to stop by the BET show and take part.

"I'm still ready!" Cannon said. He issued the challenge with the rule that any challenger must put $100,000 to participate--an amount that Cannon himself would match. And the funds would be donated to charity.

“We gonna be out in the States for the BET Awards. I’m holding a $100,000 battle," Cannon said. "Whoever wants it — but it has to be someone who can put up 100 grand."

Cannon has reportedly reached out to artists ranging from Tyga to Slaughterhouse, but has yet to get anyone to commit officially to appearing on the show to the battle.

"I'm putting up 100 (grand). And they're putting up 100," Cannon added--before announcing confidently: "Once I win, I’m going to donate to a children’s hospital."

Cannon also issued another invite to Eminem via Twitter.