Ladies, we can all admit that we all want a baller- a guy that can treat us right and spoil us like the princesses and queens that we are, and of course, just be an all-out good man to us. That's not much to ask at all, right? Yeah, OK.

With social media playing a huge roll in interaction with celebrities and TV stars, it makes landing a baller, or what I like to call them- a sponsor, a little more obtainable (kinda). Sure, it's about who you know and where you are, but what if you're a nobody and you're not in the right location? What options do you have and how can you go about getting yourself a baller?

Now, don't quote me on this 100%, but I have definitely done some research and studied various chicks that some may think are running the game. I have not- I repeat, I HAVE NOT put these into full action, but 6 out of 7 days I think about it.

OK so, for starters, your profile pic has to be "poppin" and it has to showcase your beauty. Next, you have to have more followers than people you follow. Upload a regular picture that shows your natural beauty, because makeup is cool, but that natural look is everything. Then, you have to post a sexy pic- nothing rated R, but you know, suttin to bring the sexy out.

Next, go to your eye candy's page (make sure they have posted a least a whole day ago- I wouldn't go for the most recent post that was posted 10 minutes ago only because your not the only one tryna bag a baller). Then, like a couple pics- maybe 3, and drop a comment on least one of them. I've never actually taken it this far, but you can inbox them and say something catchy like "Hey what's up? I'm sure you get this all the time, but you're very handsome in your pics and your music is really dope, but of course you know this already, keep doing ya thing" (kissy face). I'm cracking myself up because I've read other girl's interviews, and some actually say this is how they landed their baller.

Now, if you already have a sponsor, kudos to you. If you're tryna have a more high profile catch, then have your sponsor buy you some front row tickets to a basketball game, and then you know the rest. Last but not least, pray and hope that the baller of your dreams sees your post after 109,080,084 other people post the exact same thing.

Email and let me know how it goes. Good Luck.

Markusram, flickr