Over the weekend, Drake dropped another new track called '4pm in Calabasas'. The track took shots at Diddy, and Drake even took it a little farther as to add in Diddy's laughter from his 1997 hit 'Cant Nobody Hold Me Down' so Diddy would know it was real when and if he heard the track.

Back in December 2014, Diddy and Drake apparently had some beef over the 0 to 100 beat and according to various media sources, Diddy reportedly slapped Drake in the club. Of course, the tweets started as the track went viral. Joe Budden, known for his very arrogant, obnoxious, and quite out spoken self, took to twitter and threw tiny jabs at Drake saying that he was inspired because its been a while since Drake has had some inspiring music. He also said that now everyone gets to enjoy good Drake music.

Diddy has yet to respond, and I'm not even sure that he would. Honestly, I think Diddy should just stick to the money, although it could be quite entertaining for like 30 seconds- OK fine, 35, but that's all.