Maybe you have what could be considered a common last name, that might not mean you've made the list though.

In New York, with around 20 million people populating the state, there are so many last names. Names of all different ethnicities and backgrounds. What might be fairly common in the Utica area, might not be the most common when you look statewide. In Utica, it wouldn't be all too shocking to see some Italian influence on the list. That isn't evident throughout the state though.

Which Names Are More Prominent?

What is evident are the last names of Hispanic origin. That makes all the sense in the world being that New York is the fourth most dense in Hispanic population nationwide. Out of the 20 million residents in New York, 3.6 million have Hispanic roots. Other names on the list have very much an English background, names like Smith, White, and Jones. Not much of a spoiler on those, surely you would expect to see those names crack the top 25.

What Name Isn't So Common Elsewhere?

When it comes to the list, they are also compared to their nationwide rank too. Out of the 25 names common to New York State, which last name ranked the lowest nationwide? That would be none other than Rivera. Nationwide, it is still quite popular at rank 46, but in New York, it sits substantially higher.

Take a look down through the name tags listed below, maybe you're surname or someone you know is on the list.

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