The snow has been piling up like crazy. Buffalo and Rochester have seen a huge increase in snow totals since the beginning of 2022. But they are small potatoes when it comes to other areas of New York State. As a matter of fact, there are some places just a short drive from Buffalo that are buried in over 100 inches of snow!

Totals NWS Buffalo

The National Weather Service in Buffalo has posted some snow totals for the areas in Western and North/Central New York that have gotten hammered this season thanks to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario dropping on them.

Some impressive totals SO FAR this season. As any one who grew up in this area will tell you, there is still a good chance for more snow as the Lakes still have open water and could drop significant snow if the wind is right on the towns that are already digging out. I was in the Tug Hill/Redfield area three weeks ago and it sure was impressive to see the amount of snow that they got. It seems like it is the snow mecca for those of us who love to snowmobile. If you have never had a chance to see that part of New York State, I certainly recommend you make the short trip!

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