This is a follow-up to a previous story originally posted on January 26th.  It was so popular the first time around, we've added more photos and a video. 

These stunning photographs were taken 5 miles above Albany during a refueling operation by the US Air Force. GNA was given permission to publish these photos as well as a rare video that you can see below!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these ones are worth at least twenty-five thousand of them.  A few weeks ago, a photo went viral of an Air Force jet refueling - while hovering some 25,000 feet (4.7 miles) over Albany.   It was spectacular, to say the least.

After we originally posted the story back on January 26th, GNA heard back from SRA Nathan Miller from the 514 Mobility Wing, and he was gracious enough to send even more photos from January 18th as well as a video.

According to one of the airmen on board, they had just passed over the airport and Mohawk River when SrA Nate Miller took the photo.

Here's what was posted a few weeks ago on the Facebook page of the 514th Air Mobility Wing as they were heading north:

Hey Downtown Albany, New York, check this out:

Last night Albany was looking like the perfect spot to hang out with our friends. So our Air Force Reserve crew from the Freedom Wing, flying a KC-10, called up our partners over at the 305th Air Mobility Wing in their C-17 to snag some gas at 25,000 feet. Thanks for the hospitality and views! ✈️⛽️✈️🇺🇸
— with 305th Air Mobility Wing.

More Stunning Photos of the Air Force Refuel Over Albany




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