Summer is quickly approaching and parents everywhere are looking for ways to provide childcare for their children.  As the CDC is moving forward with frequently updating COVID-19 safety guidelines, New York State is updating safety protocol for daycares and camps.

Today New York has updated COVID-19 safety guidelines and requirements for day camps, overnight camps, and daycare facilities.

The new safety protocols were announced on Wednesday and require childcare facilities to limit their capacity so that they can adhere to social distancing.  In addition, extensive sanitation requirements must be implemented and COVID-19 testing is required for both children and staff.

Facilities must do a daily health screening, including temperature checks, and they must also collect COVID-19 vaccination status of all staff members and visitors.

Children and staff members who are not vaccinated must continue to wear face masks, except when eating, swimming, drinking, showering, or sleeping.  Childcare facilities must continue to provide face masks for unvaccinated people.  Unvaccinated staff members must also continue to remain at least 6 feet away from others.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo made a statement about the updated guidelines.  He said, “We are continuing to make incredible progress against COVID and lifting restrictions based on the science in numbers, but we are not yet at the finish line.  To help ensure maximum protection for staff and children at childcare and camp programs, we are issuing this guidance so facilities can implement basic but critical measures that will allow them to operate safely.“

It’s good that safety guidelines are still in place to protect the health and safety of both children and adults.  Hopefully, the children will have enjoyable and safe experiences this summer.

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