If you are a law-abiding citizen who thinks they follow the law, probably not a whole lot to see here. If you have gotten a lot of tickets in the past. You may want to read this.

New York State Police are cracking down big time on speeders. We are currently in the middle of speed week. You may recall around Memorial Day the state was cracking down on speed as well due to more traffic being on the roadways. This is for no other reason than August being a notoriously deadly month for accidents and deaths related to driving.

The police will not hesitate to write you up and make you appear in court. I just air on the side of caution. I stay in the right lane and go 5 over the limit. I doubt I will be in trouble. If you are a speed demon though, I would urge you to slow down, at least until speed week is over.

Just to note, last year 21,000 tickets were issued. This is set to be in effect through the upcoming week.

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